Vendor Application

  • Vendor Requirements
  • Store Requirements
  • Sign up Process
  • Additional Services
  • Payments

To sell your products online, you must meet these requirements:

  • Picture of Business Certificate (Business Must Be Registered)
  • Pictures Of Identification Card or Drivers Permit
  • Business Bank Account 

You will not be able to sell products without these requirements.

When uploading your products you must meet the standard requirements. These requirements are:

  • All products must have labels
  • You must have at least ten (10) products in stock in each product type
  • Photos must be taken with white background
  • Photo size should be a 1:1 square image with the dimensions 2000 x 2000.
  • Photo must be taken with light

You can use a mobile device to take pictures if necessary and something, as simple as a lamp, for light.

 Watch a tutorial video on how to take photos for an online store.  Click here 

Follow this step by step process to successfully add your store:

  1. Fill out the application form and wait for admin to review it.
  2. After approval, log into your dashboard and start uploading your products.
  3. After uploading your products wait for admin to approve them.
  4. After approval of products, add your listing and start selling.

Here are some additional services we can help you with:

  • Photography services for products
  • Uploading of products
  • Managing your online store
  • All additional services must be paid first.

Here is some info about method of payments:

  • All registration payments will be made at the final stage (after you submit your listing).
  • Vendors sales revenue will be sent via Bank Transfer.
  • Money Transfers will be made upon request.
  • All additional services must be paid first.

Application Form

This is a step form. Click the Next button after filling out the fields in each step. At the last step click Apply to submit your form.